Orange Float Sun & Swim Protection

Stay cool in the heat with an irresistible orange float! pout’s Orange Float Sun & Swim Protection Spray helps protect your child’s hair from UV rays, acting as a sunscreen for hair.  It also protects hair against chlorine and salt water while swimming. It forms a protective barrier to lock moisture in the hair shaft, and minimises harmful exposure to the harsh environment. Hair is protected from damage, while staying strong and flexible. This product is enriched with organic Calendula, Rosemary and Comfrey extracts that nourish hair while soothing sensitive scalps. Use this protect spray before any outdoor sport for healthier and more manageable hair. With a zesty orange scent, going out into the sun has never been more fun!

Indulge your child’s imagination with the adventures of the Sea Diver and his trusty sea porpoise!

Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts:

• Calendula – Soothes sensitive scalps and protects hair from free radicals
• Rosemary – Encourages healthy hair, increases manageability and adds shine
• Comfrey – Nourishes and conditions, while restoring sheen and volume to hair