Citrus Serenade Natural Hair & Body Wash

Indulge in refreshing citrus goodness with pout’s Citrus Serenade Natural Hair & Body Wash!  This two-in-one hair and body wash has a mild scent with a subtle hint of citrus fruits that tantalise the senses and appeals to children.  The product cleanses gently and effectively, while it hydrates and strengthens hair and skin.  It contains organic Milk Thistle, Rosemary and Calendula that have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to protect and nourish hair and body.  Your child’s hair and skin will look more radiant and hydrated with regular use.  With no sulphates, parabens and colourings, our formulation is gentle on the eyes and skin, and is suitable for all ages, hair and skin types.

Indulge your child’s imagination with the tale of the Cowboy as he serenades Citrus trees!

Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts:

Milk Thistle – Anti-inflammatory properties that protect skin, and strengthen hair follicles
Rosemary – Soothes sensitive skin, increases manageability and adds shine to hair
Calendula – Promotes regeneration of skin and protects hair from free radicals