Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner

A green apple a day, keeps dry hair away. pout’s Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner is formulated with natural emollients and rich protein that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to effectively condition and hydrate. It contains organic Alfafa, Calendula and Elderflower extracts to soothe sensitive scalps and protect hair from the harsh environment. Your child’s hair is softened and nourished, and is less prone to frizz, tangles and flyaways. With more than 95% natural content, this product is suitable for all ages and hair types.

Indulge your child’s imagination with the adventure of the Witch and the Green Apple in her pursuit of flight!

Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts:

Alfalfa – Strengthens hair and scalp and encourages hair growth
Calendula – Soothes sensitive scalps and protects hair from free radicals
Elderflower – Conditions scalp and adds body and luster to hair